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The Heart of Jyväskylä project was presented to the Jyväskylä City Council on 3 February. The Heart of Jyväskylä project was set up to create a master plan for cultural investment in the city. The master plan will cover the potential development of a new music venue, as well as the significant refurbishment and new development that will be required across the city’s cultural infrastructure in the coming years. The first version of the draft report was presented to the city council by Heart of Jyväskylä project manager Janne Viitamies. A final report on the investment required is due to be published in March 2020.

The document will set out a number of alternative scenarios for re-thinking the way the city’s cultural services are run and proposes an action plan for bringing new life and energy into the city centre. It will also detail the budgetary impact of these scenarios.

Cultural provision could be centralised to unlock synergy benefits between different cultural service providers and to allow more efficient use to made of the venues and premises available. It was felt that, of the scenarios presented, “Core” would be best placed to deliver on the project objectives. However, none of the options outlined as part of the draft report are as yet capable of achieving the cost reduction target sought by the City of Jyväskylä.

Over the coming months, the project team will continue to work on alternative approaches that may bring additional cost efficiencies. The city board and council will decide on next steps in spring 2020.

Draft report (in Finnish):
Recording of the meeting on 3 February:

Further information
Project Manager Janne Viitamies, City of Jyväskylä, phone +358 14 266 3546, +358 50 4771511