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Linkki´s local transport in Jyväskylä, Laukaa and Muurame introduces from January 7 2021 on an updated timetable for the spring season.

The new timetable will be valid between January 7 and June 5 2021. 

The number of the changes is the reason for publishing a new timetable. There have been made several changes in the transport of the winter season 2020-21 in the middle of the transport period, among others due to the route changes in the area of the new Central Hospital Nova.

New timetables and routes can be found already now on the electronic journey planner. Also on the webpages of Linkki you will find a timetable booklet in a PDF-form for the spring season in the year 2021.

Due to the changing timetables, Linkki publishes also a new, printed timetable booklet. Beginning in the week after Christmas, the timetable booklets are distributed in Linkki´s buses and at the service point of Linkki. They will be available at the R-kiosks at the latest from January 7 2021 on. As the timetable booklets won't be distributed to homes any more, the persons willing to have them can pick them up from the distribution points free of charge. 

It is recommendable to take Linkki´s electronic journey planner into use. On the journey planner the timetables are always up-to-date, unlike in the timetable booklet, where despite of numerous amendments thousands of details will always contain some errors. When the errors are discovered, they will be amended on Linkki´s webpage, but from there the amendments seldom reach the reader of the timetable booklet. 

The relevant traffic changes 

  • The route of the buses 1 and 27 is changed so that they run in future past Nova and Kyllö is left out from their route. 
  • A part of the buses 10, 12K and 13 will run in future past Nova. More accurate details on the bus routes can be found on the timetables.
  • The route of the bus19 is changed so that it is going to pass Kyllö in future. The bus end station is in front of Nova.

Kyllö visitors are being served by the buses 2, 19, 37 and 39 from January 7 on. Nova is reached by the buses 1,19 and 27 and a part of the buses 10, 12K and 13.

The old hospital will be the end station of the buses 2M, 3, 4, 15K, 16, 22M, 23, 41, 42 ja 43 as previously.

More information:  Service Manager Kari Ström, City of Jyväskylä, tel. 014 266 5139, kari.strom[at]