The timetables and routes for the winter season 2020–21 for local traffic in Jyväskylä, Laukaa and Muurame will take effect on Monday 31 August.

The new timetables have been published on Linkki's website. Timetables and routes for winter 2020-21 can also be found in the electronic timetable and route guide

The timetable for the coming winter 2020-21 is exceptionally only valid until 6 January 2021. The reason for this is the opening of the new central hospital next winter, which will cause changes to the timetables and routes of several lines. The changes will be taken into account in the spring 2021 timetable, which will be valid from 7 January to 6 June 2021. 

Linkki normally shifts into the winter timetable season in August, when schoolchildren’s autumn semester begins. Due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus, the start of the winter season was postponed later this year. 

The timetable booklet will be available at distribution points beginning on 28 September - it is no longer distributed to homes

The Linkki printed timetable booklet is available free of charge from distribution points from 28 September onwards. Unlike in previous years, the timetable booklet is no longer distributed to homes. The distribution points are the Linkki service point (Asemakatu 7) and the R-kiosks in Jyväskylä, Laukaa and Muurame. The timetable booklet is also available on most Linkki buses. 

The reason for the later publication of the printed timetable booklet is that the new timetables still need to be adjusted and corrected at the beginning of the timetable’s validity period. If the timetable booklet has already been printed, it will not be possible to correct it afterwards. For electronic timetable services, corrections can be made as soon as the change has been decided. Therefore, we primarily recommend the use of the electronic timetable and route guide whenever possible.

Key changes in future winter traffic

The new line 12T will start operating beginning on 31 August. The line runs between Kangaslampi and the centre of Jyväskylä in the same way as line 12, but runs along Vasarakatu and Merasin to Kangas and via Tourula to the city centre. 

In the future, a new line 19L will operate on Saturdays in the direction of Kuokkala. The new line follows the route of line 19, but the route differs in that 19L operates via Ainolanranta and Kekkola to its terminus in the city centre. With the new line, public transport services will be available to areas where they have been lacking so far over the weekend.

Line 27 to Palokka will no longer run as far as Heikkilä during weekday (Mon-Fri) peak hours, but will end its route at Palokka Health Care Centre. 

More detailed information on the routes and departure times of the lines can be found in the timetables for the winter season 2020–21 at and the Route guide

Additional information: Service Manager Kari Ström, tel. +358 50 60943, kari.strom [at]