The Linkki Service Point at Asemakatu 7 will remain open normally, from Monday to Friday. However, because of the coronavirus, the number of customers allowed in the facilities at a time is limited to 10.

The opening hours are the same as before: Monday 10-17 and Tuesday to Friday 10-16. The only exceptions are Thursday, 19 March, and Friday, 20 March, when the Service Point will be closed at lunchtime, 12-13. The Phone Service will continue to serve normally on weekdays, Mon-Fri 9-12, tel. 014 266 0114.

For the time being, the only entrance to the Linkki Service Point is through Shopping Centre Forum, (Asemakatu, Forum, second floor). The entrance from Jyväskylä Info (Asemakatu) is closed. To avoid spreading the virus, the service desk, the payment terminals and other surfaces are being disinfected regularly. Please, remember that if you have cold symptoms you should not come to the Service Point. To load your Travel Card, please use the Waltti webshop.

Compensations for Waltti season cards (periods of 90 and 180 days and one year)

Because of the limits imposed by the coronavirus, some passengers will not be able use their Waltti season card. If you have not yet validated your season card, it will remain on the Travel Card and can be used later. If you have loaded your season card online, you can use the card after the summer, for example.

If you have already used your season card, you can get compensation for periods of 90 and 180 days or one year. To receive the compensation, please go to the Linkki Service Point and make sure you have your Waltti Travel Card and identity card with you. If you cannot go to the Service Point yourself, you can authorise someone else to do it for you by writing a power of attorney.

The main principle is that the compensations for the days remaining on the season card (at the time of the compensation) are paid to the bank account of the Waltti Travel Card holder. If you seek compensation, you need to fill in a written form, including e.g., your bank account details, at the Linkki service desk. The normal service fee of 7 euros will not be charged.

Compensations are not paid for periods of 30 days, if the period has already started. The value loaded on the Waltti Travel Card will not be returned and compensated, because the value will be usable for 5 years.

Further information: 

  • Service Manager Kari Ström, City of Jyväskylä, tel. 014 266 5139, kari.strom[at]
  • Public Transport Manager Ari Tuovinen, tel. 014 266 7593, ari.tuovinen[at]

Municipal information on coronavirus: